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Fan Mail and International Accolades

"The deadline for Nobel prize nominations is in February. Within a month Barack Obama earned a Nobel prize? Not that I think highly of the prize mind you. With the exception of the sciences, the winners lately are generally ___clowns, tyrants, bureaucrats or disgruntled members of an official global aggrieved class. -Still, a month?"

There's a lot of that going around.

Obama didn't start his life's work on January 20th when he became president. He worked on community service and nuclear non-proliferation for YEARS before that. 2008, however, was The Year of Change (or The Year of Hope depending on how you look at it) and THAT'S what they had in mind when they considered his nomination (amongst the hundreds they'd received before the February deadline). You can be wary of foreigners and you can doubt politicians, but it would seem that your cynicism has clouded your judgment in this case. I challenge you to deny that Barack Hussein Obama has been inspirational, even beyond our own borders. Go ahead and tell America that you want their president to politely decline an international accolade because (and this based in no small part upon your expertise regarding the workings of the Norwegian Nobel Committee) he just hasn't earned it yet. Good luck with that. (Keep despair alive.)


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