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Cloverfield vs. U2

It crouched menacingly over them like it was the biggest stage monster ever. According to the record keepers, it WAS the biggest stage monster ever. Over sixteen stories tall. A sprawling, four legged, space-crab alien-spider thing. Instead of venom-drippers, it had speaker fangs framing it's mandibles. The giant 360° video web hanging under it's abdomen not only flashed shockingly bright colors, it also expanded and contracted like it was trying to snatch and eat the bandmembers beneath it. It was just...


As huge as that monster was, The Dome was to prove a perhaps overly-adequate containment vessel. Having scouted it out, i anticipated that my midfield, top-level seats would place me eye-to-eye with the monster. i was wrong. i misunderestimated The Dome. The 270 feet tall, 100,000 square feet wide Dome. I found myself with a helicopter's-eye-view of the foursome who, except for the projections on the 360° web screen, seemed very very small. Far Away, So Close? Not exactly. Only eveNtually did the music and the crowd fill that cavernous space between. That "U2 me too" intimacy is something I'd gotten so used to in other arena tours that it was alittle disconcerting this time. This experience, as cool as it ended up being, served as a critical reminder. IT IS TOTALLY WORTH IT to pay more for better position. (Don't even get me started about the wonders of Close Enough to Touch the Stage.)

They've obviously still got it though. It's been 25 years since i first saw U2 myself on an inspired Unforgetable Fire tour and they don't seem to be rusting or fading yet. Bono is still passionate about making a connection with us. The Edge and Adam still look like they're enjoying themselves entirely when they stretch out on the catwalk. (The funny thing is that Larry still looks as uncomfortably shy as ever when he steps out from behind the drumkit.) It's no surprise then, after three decades together, that they're a confident unit. What is surprising is that neither they nor their performances seem to get old. (Is it just me or did 22 songs seem kinda short?)

And i still get goosebumps at the opening strains of "Where the Streets Have No Name".

Setlist, fanfotos, etc.: http://www.u2tours.com/detail.src?ID=20091006

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