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In Cyberspace No One Cares If You Scream

There are, however, exceptions to that rule. And we, the staff at Keeferman.Net, are here with a reminder that Keeferman cares.

Crimefightin' ain't easy though and it'll take a lot outta ya. After a brief hiatus, Keeferman's ready to get back down to work. 2009 was a great year -and not just because it was the Year of the Ox. 2010, the Year of the Space Odyssey, promises to be even better, but you've got to remember to do your part. Goverment stipends aren't as big as they used to be, corporate sponsorship in these situations is a tricky ethical tightrope to walk, and guild regulations limit the size (though not the Quantity) of gifts from individual public donors. Keeferman does, however, have expenses and a family to support.

You're civic-minded, but maybe you haven't really had the opportunity to express yourself. Perhaps you've been meaning to donate, but were just waiting for the right time. Well, it could be that the time is now. Why don't we all present Keeferman with symbolic gestures of respect and appreciation? Let's all give 'til it hurts.

Afterall, you gotta Give love to get love.

Thank you and Happy New Year,

-the Staff

P.S. Please forward all requests for acts of heroism to helpline @ keeferman.com . There's no need to scream in ALL CAPS though. Keeferman considers every inquiry to be critically important.


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