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Yes, it's everybody's favorite time of year. Time to watch stormtroopers on parade, time to get your picture taken with your favorite superhero, and time to have a conversation with your favorite comicbook artist. It's DragonCon time again. Downtown Atlanta is full of wookies and G.I. Joes and X-Men. The parade isn't 'til tomorrow morning at 10, but the streets are full of freaks, geeks, and gawkers. i myself can't wait to get back out there and take in the sights. If you've never been, it's a cultural milestone that has to be seen at least once in your lifetime. Check out http://dragoncon.org for more details, but trust me... has to be seen.

My personal itinerary is as follows:

Friday: Browse the exibits and sign autographs. This evening, Joanderwoman and i will be relaxing with friends over cocktails in one of the hotel lobbies.

Saturday: Starting with the parade, we'll be spending another day, all day, at the Con. Dinner and cocktails downtown afterward.

Sunday: Morning golf with some associates in the 'burbs, back downtown for more Con action, then back out to the 'burbs for my fantasy football draft.

Monday: Wrapping up and breaking down DragonCon.

Come out and join us.


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