September 28, 2008

Mississippi Funerals

Yes, well, one of Joanderwoman's uncles just passed away. Most of her mom's family are still in Neshoba county, so that's where we went. Philadelphia, Mississippi is country country Country. I dunno how remarkable that is to the average person, but i was pretty conscious of it myself. There's a big difference between being a Bostonian transplant in Atlanta... and being a YANKEE in the DEEP SOUTH.

The funeral was small and quiet. The family was somber and respectful. There was even some fried chicken, cornbread, and sweet tea at a little gathering afterward. All things considered, it was nice.

We weren't actually heading back home 'til the next day though. So there i was, trapped in Mississippi (hundreds of kilometers away from my cats and internet connection), with many hours still to kill. What to do. What to do. Well, what would yoU do? Of course we did the only thing there really is to do in Noxapater (Population: 400) on a Saturday night. We went clubbing. That is to say... we went to The Catfish Opry. The Catfish Opry is exactly what it sounds like it is. It's like The Grand Ole Opry COMBINED with catfish. Thus... The Catfish Opry.

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September 03, 2008

Cat People

We're going to the dogs.

i won't bore you (again?) with the saga that arose (Quite suddenly) four weeks ago, but yes my wife ended up getting a dog. A Shetland Collie (Sheltie) with "blue merle" coloring.

I've managed to talk her down from “Stirling” (we've actually Been there and the breed is Scottish, but it's not the kind of name Keeferman is willing to SHOUT at a dog when shouting's necessary). Unfortunately, Joanderwoman didn’t like my counter: “Rolf”. So... “Crichton” is the latest. A compromise based upon the lane down which he was born, the cool sci-fi character, and the fact that it too is Scottish: "criochton signifies a boundary hill, end, limit, landmark; creachton, the hill or castle of plunder”.

But these fancy dogs gots to have fancy names, don’t they? The one shown HERE is called “Marshland Fantom of the Opera”. Maybe we shouLd go with a big showdog name…
“Champion Commander John Crichton” or
“Prince Crichton Proutychols” or
“Crichton Landshark Minimonkey” even.

Wait there’s goTTa be some Rules about that…

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August 24, 2008


Joan had a High School reunion last night.

It wasn't as bad as i expected, but it wasn't NEARLY as much fun as that one Charlie Driggs went to in "Something Wild" (1986). The worst part was when Joan nixxed my bourbon&coke lineup and told me i was the one driving us home eventually. That came as a bit of a shock to me as I'd planned on buddying-up with Jack Daniels while Joan talked to all those strangers. Instead i just soberly watched people all night.

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