January 19, 2010

#27 On The List of Things About Which i Shall Not Apologize

i like the Kings of Leon. i think that's some interesting post-millennial Southern Rock they got going there. Europe seems to have gotten really into them, but over here all i get are rolling eyes from my peers (and even my wife) when i mention the name or turn up a song. I'm here to tell you though... i shall not go quietly into that goodnight. i will not let peer pressures or the derision of strangers change my mind or my feelings. i like the Kings of Leon.

I'm not the one being defensive! You're the one being defensive!

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November 09, 2009

THE Wall

Where were yoU?

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July 12, 2007


Yes, even mighty Keeferman has a mom to whom he must give (brief but) mad props. She's the best.


I baked you a cake, but i eated it.
Instead, i offer you the immortal words of Cibo Matto from their song
"Birthday Cake":
Shut up and eat!
Too bad, no bon appetit!
Shut up and eat!
You know my love is sweet!
Shut up and eat!
Too bad, no bon appetit!
Shut up and eat!
You know my love is very sweet!



July 10, 2007

Spontaneous Cinetrope@Masquerade RSVP

It's kinda a mathematical formula. How much progress i make on the House (Hp) plus how Loved my wife has felt up to that point (L) times my eagerness (E) minus my laziness (z) divided by the inverse of my forgetfulness (F). I'm no Math major, but i guess you could say the chances of my going are (Hp+L)[(E-z)/(1/F)]. Likelihood increases toward 100% as the product approaches 1. Right now it's at about .7134 I'd say. Joan'll already be alittle offput at me for abandoning her last Saturday and then skipping Harry Potter this Wednesday to do trivia with the gang. I'm giving her as much quality time as i can, but with the house renovations and the other social diversions, it's really hard to gauge the L-factor this early. Hope to see you there though.


June 07, 2007

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday, Kristin.

March 19, 2007

Top o'the Mornin' To You

It's been a pretty good month so far, but we're only at the halfway point. Yesterday i rocked the big, green, wool shirt. Today I'm rockin' the Boston Celtics grey T. And tomorrow i might go Guinness on 'em. Don't lemme catch you without the wearin' of the green or I'll pinch ye within an inch of your life.

Thankyou so much, Dicky O'Surman, for havin' us over to your party this past weekend. The wife and i had a grand old time we did. I didn't drink enough to need the chunder bucket, but i did have a wee headache the next mornin' when i got up to go to work. (I suppose i owe you special thanks for foisting that carbomb upon me immediately after I'd stuffed 10 hotwings down me gullet.)

Never forget that the Irish were the hands that built America and never forget that it was the Irish that saved Western civilization. (You’re welcome.)

December 04, 2006

The Honeymoon Is Definitely Over

It’s been a crazy week or so. Lots of catering stuff from the reception to sort, clean, box, and store. We’ve transported about 5 carloads of stuff around town. Joan finally got the wedding clutter (itineraries, maps, and bills spread all over three tables in our crowded condo) resolved. We’re both settled back into the grind of work and we’ve even attended a Christmas party already. The only problem is... now i have a WIFE. Say goodbye to footloose and fancy-free Keeferman. Say hello to old and mundane Mr. Joan's Husband. Grrrreat.

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