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May 07, 2012

Dinnertable Conversations

Vegans don't bother me. Kosher People and Halah People don't bother me. I'm not even bothered the Lactose Intolerant. Their diets don't affect me. There are, however, occasional interactions with some people (you know who you are). And sometimes there're lines crossed. Where do i draw the line? There's a common legal expression that suggests: "Your right to throw a punch ends where someone else's nose begins."

Those offensive intolerables... organic compounds like methanethiol, dimethyl sulfide... BRUSSELS SPROUTS! COLLARED GREENS! CABBAGE!

On the bubble: Asparagus? Brocoli? Cooked spinach? Cauliflower?

Tolerably inedible: Artichoke. Eggplant. Okra. Fennel.

Tolerably edible: Carrots. Parsnips. Olives. Celery. Radish. Zucchini.

Don't tell me that POTATOES and CORN are "starches". Those're my two favorite vegetables. All PEPPERS (red, green, yellow) are cool. LETTUCE is a nice filler. CUCUMBER and TOMATO. RAW SPINACH. PEAS are sweet if they're fresh/frozen (no cans, no freezerburned leftovers). ONION and GARLIC are cool. SQUASH (especially pumpkin or butternut or spaghetti). SWEET POTATO. SOY. AVOCADO.

i don't have to like a vegetable for it to be allowed to be cooked/eaten in my presence. In addition to the several that I actually dO like, there are hundreds of other vegetables out there that are nearly completely inert. Pick from that list and don't tell me it's too restrictive. It's not. You're fine with those hundreds.

May 02, 2012

Overcoming My Listening Prejudices

Don't ask me how it started. Somehow though, i just found myself watching a semi-fascinating mini-documentary on the making of a 1978 song that i never liked before, but now... well... just watch the song, then watch the documentary.