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#27 On The List of Things About Which i Shall Not Apologize

i like the Kings of Leon. i think that's some interesting post-millennial Southern Rock they got going there. Europe seems to have gotten really into them, but over here all i get are rolling eyes from my peers (and even my wife) when i mention the name or turn up a song. I'm here to tell you though... i shall not go quietly into that goodnight. i will not let peer pressures or the derision of strangers change my mind or my feelings. i like the Kings of Leon.

I'm not the one being defensive! You're the one being defensive!

Why DO (those of) you hate them? Sure, that one tune is alittle obvious and got overplayed, but other (supposedly cooler) bands have committed far worse offenses. i guess haters wouldn't be haters without something to hate. Contrarians couldn't be contrary if they didn't first hear someone else express an opinion. It's cool though. Go ahead and hate. Go ahead and be contrary. Just don't overplay your hand.

I'm not even listening to them now myself. i was just listening to REM on Pandora and it reminded me. Of the Kings of Leon and the hate. The Kings of Leon aren't as good as The Constantines (a whole other conversation), but they're not that far off. If you're looking for something just alittle different in your standard rock'n'roll, the Kings of Leon are exActly that. i don't expect that they're going to blow your mind, but they sure don't suck.

So, despite your barely concealed scoffs, I'm going to continue to like Kings of Leon. And occasionally turn it up. So shut your hating pieholes and get over it.

-Leon admits: We're bigger than we wanted to be.
-Some dude named Thom Yorke thinks they're cool.


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