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December 28, 2009

Call and Response

i know. i know. It's been a long month and no news. Thanks to many of you for your inquiries and, to all, please accept my apologies. In addition to the logs of my December adventures, the following subjects WERE on my mind, but never actually made it to post.
-The New Wave of New Wave
-French performance art based on Star Wars
-The rabid perniciousness of ironically-antisocial networking like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

As I'm sure many of you experienced yourselves, December (starting with the Thanksgiving Effect) was crazybusy. Already working with a skeleton crew at my day job, we lost even more ground as the various human assets cycled through their hard-earned vacation time. Joanderwoman and i went to half a dozen Xmas celebrations. We hosted our own Umpteenth Annual How the Grinch Stole Christmas Hanukkah Kwanzaa and Festivus Party. We roadtripped to Tennessee and Indianapolis. I slacked off on my workouts and even neglected to make it in for a blood donation this month (both of which will get back on track in 2010). i can and shall do better.

More to follow.

In the meantime... you be careful out there.