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February 28, 2009

Why Are Most of My Dreams about the Zombiepocalypse?

Dreamed last night about zombies again. Only this time, instead of being besieged, we were going out from our enclave on a mission to rescue others whose enclave had been overrun. First there was the argument about taking the copters out to them. Then there were some who didn't want to do a thorough search for survivors. For some reason this girl i knew in the 90's was there. Not only was she toting an M-16, but she was speaking Portugese instead of Spanish. Weird. Why would my dream even caRe what language -much less going to the trouble of Changing it to Portugese?

I don't recall how it turned out, but it couldn't've gone well at all. It was a hopeless mission.

For all you Survivors out there... maybe you should leave the copters (and take the canoli).