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This Is the NEW "Business Casual"

"I'm bringing it back."

That's what i said when they asked me why I'm wearing a tie.

"You and your polo shirts bore me to death. It's time for something new around here. I'm bringing The Tie back."

Then they asked me why I'm wearing jeans.

"They're more comfortable than slacks or suitpants or whatever."

I'm bringing it back, but I'm bringing it back MY WAY.

I'm rocking it interrobang-style.

I'm wearing a tie AND I'm wearing jeans.

The sartorial equivalent of a mullet.

Yeah. You heard me. I said it.

"Business up top,
party down below."

[UPDATE: In response to the curiousity and concerns of some of my fans, I've done some research. According to GQ: "Classic jeans and tie, OK. Experimental jeans and tie, forget it." i wear plain-ole-classic-Levis, so I'm cool.]


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