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Has it really been a year already?

Biggest story's gotta be BARACK OBAMA, baby! Then (guess what) it's the economy, stupid. -Everything after that is distant thirds. Distant.

Because the BoSox didn't make it to @lanta this year, i roadtripped it thousands of SkyMiles to Tampa Bay, Cincinnati, and Oakland. Then (thanks to my Best Man) i even got to see a Great playoff game. Still, despite my fanaticism, my baseball adventures only made 3rd on the list.

My wife got a new dog and a new fence to hold the dog. My cat says it's the worst... year... evar. Sometimes (especially stepped-in-dogpoop times) I'm inclined to agree with him.

The Grinch Party was cool. The Fifth of July party was cool. Surman and Noelissa had some pretty cool parties too. -Oh yeah!SHARRON AND LUKE GOT MARRIED! How 'bout thAt? Well, as cool as it was (and congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. von Hoene-Scott), it's still only Top Ten of 2008.

You just can't get around The Election and The Economy. Even the other bad news wasn't bad enough. @tlanta had a tornado DOWNTOWN. Gov. Spitzer and Gov. Blagojovitch got busted. GOVERNORS! There was even a MadMax/RoadWarrior flashback when gas prices in the South hit $4.50 and then neighborhood filling stations ran outta gas completely. None of that stuff, as crazy as it all seemed, was even close to the hugeness of Obama and the economy he's inheriting.

So... 2009... Obama vs. The Economy. Who wins? Does he get to enact his progressive agenda or does the economy crush his American dreams? My money's on Obama, but there's only one way to find out. In the meantime, i Keeferman, declare 2008 officially over.


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