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December 31, 2008



Has it really been a year already?

Biggest story's gotta be BARACK OBAMA, baby! Then (guess what) it's the economy, stupid. -Everything after that is distant thirds. Distant.

Because the BoSox didn't make it to @lanta this year, i roadtripped it thousands of SkyMiles to Tampa Bay, Cincinnati, and Oakland. Then (thanks to my Best Man) i even got to see a Great playoff game. Still, despite my fanaticism, my baseball adventures only made 3rd on the list.

My wife got a new dog and a new fence to hold the dog. My cat says it's the worst... year... evar. Sometimes (especially stepped-in-dogpoop times) I'm inclined to agree with him.

The Grinch Party was cool. The Fifth of July party was cool. Surman and Noelissa had some pretty cool parties too. -Oh yeah!SHARRON AND LUKE GOT MARRIED! How 'bout thAt? Well, as cool as it was (and congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. von Hoene-Scott), it's still only Top Ten of 2008.

You just can't get around The Election and The Economy. Even the other bad news wasn't bad enough. @tlanta had a tornado DOWNTOWN. Gov. Spitzer and Gov. Blagojovitch got busted. GOVERNORS! There was even a MadMax/RoadWarrior flashback when gas prices in the South hit $4.50 and then neighborhood filling stations ran outta gas completely. None of that stuff, as crazy as it all seemed, was even close to the hugeness of Obama and the economy he's inheriting.

So... 2009... Obama vs. The Economy. Who wins? Does he get to enact his progressive agenda or does the economy crush his American dreams? My money's on Obama, but there's only one way to find out. In the meantime, i Keeferman, declare 2008 officially over.

December 25, 2008

Holiday Hubbub, Humbugs, and High Horses

i dunno how religious you are, but that's obviously the origin of these holidays -whatever they've come to mean to you. i know that alotta my friends and family are alittle skeptical regarding the more commercial aspects of the season. Me, i think the holidays are what you make of them. There's too much hubbub to ignore completely and you'll go crazy just hating on it. Focus on what you like, cast off what you don't like, and make the best of it.

i love it. Little kids unwrapping presents, holiday parties, and more people making more of an effort to be nice -that's what i get out of it. The social stuff. Then again, you gotta give alittle, right? I'm not talking about whether or not you (literally) buy into the commercialism of it. I'm talking about something alittle more big-picture than just celebrating with family or socializing out at some party. I'm talking about the potential Civic aspects of it.

What were yoU doing yesterday while i was donating blood? Were you collecting Toys for Tots? Were you helping out in a soup kitchen? Maybe you were just dropping some spare change in a Salvation Army kettle. Surely you did SOMEthing charitable this holiday season. Right?

If you're one of the many people who HAVEN'T done anything charitable recently, maybe you're feeling alittle awkward as you read this now. Maybe you've been MEANING to do something, but you've been pretty busy lately and these are tough economic times anyway. Maybe you were so busy you didn't even have a chance to think about it. Whatever. That's cool. Hopefully we're all considering making it more of a priority in 2009. It'd certainly make a nice New Years Resolution.

Unless you're a recluse like The Unibomber or Michael Jackson, you're in a community. Whether you realize it or not, that community needs you. (Whether you appreciate it or not, that community should be there for you if/when you need it too.) You should do what you can Now, while you're able. Maybe you're not rich, but you've got time to give. Maybe you're too busy, but you've got alittle extra money to help out some people alittle less fortunate than yourself. Maybe you don't have alotta time or money to give, but you could drop in to donate a pint of blood. Regardless of how uncharitable you might be feeling any particular minute, ultimately there're thousands of options open even to you. Plant a tree, build a habitat for humanity, sponsor someone on a charitable walk/run. Whatever. "No man is an island" and you've got to do soMething. "It takes a village", whether that means locally or globally to you, your contribution to the overall effort Matters. Trust me.

To those of you who've already done alot more than the rest of us (such as those featured recently on CNN), thanks. And to those of you overseas this holiday season, maybe in dangerous places like Iraq or Afghanistan, thanks go to you too. Thanks for your service. Do what you gotta do, represent your country honorably, and come home safe. We're thinking about you.

The rest of us (including/especially me) can do better though. And in 2009 i intend to.

In the meantime... Happy Holidays.

December 09, 2008

Don't Even Try It

Atlanta traffic, as everybody knows, is terrible. Atlanta air quality is pretty bad too. There's an HOV lane for cool people though and everybody knows you gotta be driving a lower emission vehicle (like a motorcycle) or you gotta be carpooling with other passengers in order to use it. I'm only human, so I've been tempted many times to solo it, but ultimately i know it's wrong and i expect I'd get caught anyway -so i don't.

Today's the second day in a row I've seen individuals get busted by Georgia State Patrol for illegally commuting down the HOV. Hah! That's what you GET! These HOV incentives (and their enforcement) are there for a reason, people. Even if you're villain enough to disregard a righteous law, it's not worth the ticket just to shave a few minutes off your drive to work. You WILL get busted.