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No One on the Corner

In my own weird way, I'm a music fiend (think: JohnCusack-in-HiFidelity wannabe). My friends seem cool and some of them are in bands, but i always MISS stuff. They're always letting me down. I'm always one step behind whatever's going on Right Now. Suddenly I'll hear something (radio, the internet, a party, etc.) and I'll dig deeper thinking I've actually Found something -only to discover it's oldmeme. Not only am i not as cool as i should be, I'm afraid that one day some righteous teenpunk is gonna have the audacity to call me Lame to my face.


Anyway, i found something.

It didn't go chronologically. It went backwards. It started with me researching tunes for an upcoming Kwanzaa mix. I was having a hard time figuring out which way to go with stuff celebrating the Seven Principles. It was part American-black-experience, part African music, and (almost inescapably) part BarackObamamania. Eventually i pared down most of the Obama stuff (and set it aside for an upcoming Inauguration Day mix), but i found this one bad@ss tune that i kept playing again and again. Then i dug deeper on the hook and discovered a cool SriLankan/British MC whose music i really dig. -An MC with a flashback to one of the most underappreciated tunes evar. How cool is that. [Be a lot cooler if i weren't the last guy on the block to hear everything.]

Which one of you coolkidz is gonna step and be my CMJ/NMM muse?
Who's gonna be my 120 Minutes VJDJ?
Come ON now.

For the rest of you...
T.I.'s "Swagger Like Us"
M.I.A.'s "Paper Planes"
The Clash's "Straight to Hell"
Check. It Out.

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