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The Road Warrior

Every morning on my commute to work i spend the whole drive watching the clock and making mental calculations. Depending on how many times i hit the snooze button and how bad traffic is, the drive has varying degrees of tension...

7:29 and I'm off. It's only 25 minutes, so i should be alittle early.
7:35 and I haven't gotten to the highway yet? I'm gonna be late.
7:47? Really? That was quick. I gained time and I'm gonna be early.
7:54! Stupid downtown traffic! I'm gonna be late!

Today though was a different story.

Instead of spending the whole drive glancing nervously at the clock, i spent the whole drive glancing nervously at my fuel gauge...

Glance: I haven't even hit "E" yet, I'll be fine.
Glance: Uh-oh, it just hit "E", but i should be fine anyway.
Glance: AM i fine? It looks pretty low.
Glance: At least the "empty" light hasn't come on.
Glance: Doh! The "empty" light! i can still make it, right?

i made it.

And if i don't get too unlucky, i should probably have enough gas to make it home again maybe. -And then there's a good possibility I'd be stuck there. Actually, i Gotta find a gas station or we're going to have to go with Plan B.

-One minute CNN video documenting Atlanta's very real gas crisis.
-AJC article about it.
-The map my wife sent me for locating gas in Atlanta.

[Editor's note: since Keeferman moved OTP, he's now off the main MARTA grid. Since he works a twelve hour shift and since he works only 3.5 days a week (and since this includes Sundays), carpooling is unpossible. He's certainly working harder on a mass transit plan now though.]

[UPDATE: The rumor, via someone in Joan D'arc's office, is that QT guarantees to have gas.]

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