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There we were.
There we were.
There we were.
IN the Con(Dragon).
Making appearances and escorting our out-of-town guests around. Alllll day Friday.

We did the "Walk of Fame". I signed some autographs and we chatted-up some fans. Of course we hung out with some celebrities too. We checked out the art show and the acres of merchandise. It was cool. We took a break for dinner (with RayPark/DarthMaul among others) at Trader Vic's. Then it was back to the hotel lobby for cocktails late into the night (with RichardHatch/Apollo-Zarek among others). Much fun was had by all. But, wait, there's more...

Saturday started with the parade (as all the best Saturdays do). You ain't seen nothin' 'til you've seen acres of stormtroopers marching down Main Street in formation. They had everything actually. There's wookies and thundercats and elves (oh my). There's Darth Vader and Cobra Commander and Klingons on motorcycles. -Oh! Dude! Not only did we see Speed Racer in the Mach 5, but we also saw THE Batman in THE Batmobile! It was teh awesome. (And it is, of course, open to the public, so the streets were packed with spectators.)

There's so much to see & do. The rest of the day was even more con-wandering. There're panel discussions and little film festivals and stuff. You can watch comicbook artists work on sketches and everybody's walking around in (or taking pix of) reallly elaborate costumes. Even if you don't get IN to the scheduled/sequestered events and even if you're not all that into sci-fi/fantasy, you Hafta see the hustle & bustle of the nerdtacular crowds between & amongst the three main hotels in downtown Atlanta. It's ker-razy. And then Saturnight was more cocktails back at the hotel.

Sunday though, we took a little break. Joan d'Arc slept in and i went out early with the crew to play a round of golf. I don't mean to brag, but i shot under 150 there at Bradshaw Farm. Bradshaw... Favre... it's fantasy football draft time again. After a quickchange we rendezvoused back at the business center for our teleconferenced CyberBall VirtualReality Football League draft -and, yes, it's that huge. We had the two Atlanta teams and two Florida teams live-and-in-person. On the line were the two Indianapolis teams, Chicago, Houston, and Denver. As cool as the golf and the draft were, however, i missed the MISS KLINGON UNIVERSE pageant. Again. (Next year we're going to have to schedule things better.)

Monday we wrapped up the last of our convention attending with a Battlestar Galactica panel and alittle more merch-browsing. It was BLTs for lunch and then we waved goodbye to everybody as they scattered back across the country. (Big sigh of relief.)

i was passed-out face-down on the couch by 7pm.

P.S. More to follow, but... herrrrrrrrrre's Flickr.

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