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Cat People

We're going to the dogs.

i won't bore you (again?) with the saga that arose (Quite suddenly) four weeks ago, but yes my wife ended up getting a dog. A Shetland Collie (Sheltie) with "blue merle" coloring.

I've managed to talk her down from “Stirling” (we've actually Been there and the breed is Scottish, but it's not the kind of name Keeferman is willing to SHOUT at a dog when shouting's necessary). Unfortunately, Joanderwoman didn’t like my counter: “Rolf”. So... “Crichton” is the latest. A compromise based upon the lane down which he was born, the cool sci-fi character, and the fact that it too is Scottish: "criochton signifies a boundary hill, end, limit, landmark; creachton, the hill or castle of plunder”.

But these fancy dogs gots to have fancy names, don’t they? The one shown HERE is called “Marshland Fantom of the Opera”. Maybe we shouLd go with a big showdog name…
“Champion Commander John Crichton” or
“Prince Crichton Proutychols” or
“Crichton Landshark Minimonkey” even.

Wait there’s goTTa be some Rules about that…

-ahah! The internets have spoken.
“1. Your dog's name should contain the name of the kennel from where he/she came. Most of the time it's the first part of the name. For example, if your dog came from Green Hills Farm Kennel, you could name your dog "Green's King Midas". If your dog comes from multiple breeders, be sure to use a little of each name. Yes, this can lead to some really long names.
2. Include the family. For instance, if the b!tch's name is Starla and the sire's name is Russ, and your dog is fourth generation, you could combine them to make "Green StarlaRuss' King Midas IV."
3. Be original. This is important because the American Kennel Club (AKC) does not allow duplicate names. One way to get around this is to use creative spelling. Go for something that can catch the judges' eye.
4. Choose an everyday name. Remember that your dog needs a "proper name" and a "call name". The call name is its everyday name. To choose its call name, make a list of your favorites. Toss out any names that contain more than 2 syllables, rhyme with command words - such as no, sit or stay - or may be offensive in the show arena. Consider using part of its show name. For example, you might call a dog "Midas" for "Green StarlaRuss' King Midas IV."” (Courtesy of ehow.com)

[I don't know. Hey, Joan, WHAT is the name of the kennel? Or, yeah, “Crichton” was the name of the street, right? Well, does the kennel/breeder have a name? What was it? DO we have his papers and know about his family and stuff? You do, right?]

The good news is that, even though we haven't yet sorted out his name, he feels comfortable enough already to have pooped on our floor.

No wonder everybody loves dogs.

[UPDATE: We've thrown Crichton out the window. That is to say it's been decided that that is no longer part of his name. His AKC designation is now Prince Stirling Piper Triple Nickels Wonderdog. Joan calls him Stirling, i call him Piper, mostly he just barks incoherently at us.]

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