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Don’t you hate it when you change your alarm on the weekend or when you’re on vacation… and then you wake up and look at the clock… but it doesn’t make any sense? Like… “something’s very wrong here, but i can’t quite figure it out”. And then you’re like: “OMG! I’m so fricken late!”. And then you jump up and hit the shower -and only THEN does it occur to you… “Ohhhhhhh, yeah. It’s the weekend. I’m not late for work. I’m right on time for play”. And you can’t believe you wasted good adrenaline like that.

Yeah. i hate that.

And then there’s Monday when you forget to set the alarm back to it’s regular time and you look at the clock and it just doesn’t make any sense and you’re thinking: “maybe it’s the weekend”, but then you realize it’s NOT the weekend and then you’re like: “OMG! I’m so fricken late!”.