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Spontaneous Cinetrope@Masquerade RSVP

It's kinda a mathematical formula. How much progress i make on the House (Hp) plus how Loved my wife has felt up to that point (L) times my eagerness (E) minus my laziness (z) divided by the inverse of my forgetfulness (F). I'm no Math major, but i guess you could say the chances of my going are (Hp+L)[(E-z)/(1/F)]. Likelihood increases toward 100% as the product approaches 1. Right now it's at about .7134 I'd say. Joan'll already be alittle offput at me for abandoning her last Saturday and then skipping Harry Potter this Wednesday to do trivia with the gang. I'm giving her as much quality time as i can, but with the house renovations and the other social diversions, it's really hard to gauge the L-factor this early. Hope to see you there though.

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