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I dreamt about John Edwards and the Foo Fighters.

John Edwards had bloodily murdered two women (in what felt like spontaneous/accidental circumstances) and I was trying to convince him to turn himself in. We were at his cabin in the woods and I was worried that the police were going to find out (with me as an Accessory After the Fact) before I got him to confess and surrender. It was a long dream. In the presence of his weeping family, I finally convinced him, shook his hand, and told him he would’ve made a great President (except for the murderin’ i suppose). The police then drove him away.

I was some kind of an administrator at a Middle School and I was escorting the Foo Fighters around the hallways. Every once in a while I’d open the door to a classroom, we’d go in, and the Foo Fighters would play one of their tunes for the kids. At the end, after a performance of “Everlong” to one of the classes, I told Dave Grohl that it was one of the finest lovesongs ever written (IT IS).

P.S. The REAL John Edwards is a good man, an excellent candidate, and will make a great President if given the opportunity.

[Update: It turns out he DID have something to hide. Fortunately he got over himself and his wife forgave him. Maybe he can serve as a life-lesson to somebody approaching "MidLife Crisis" time.]