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Regarding Your "Before party" Email of Last Thursday.

From: Keeferman
Sent: Tuesday, June 12, 2007 3:42 PM
To: Spencer
Subject: RE: "Before" Party

Of course I didn’t see this announcement ‘til I came in to work on Sunday (having started my weekend on Wednesday).

I talked with my wife to see if I could go and she said “Yes. Whatever." ("Whatever"? That's alittle passive-aggressive, isn't it?) Whatever.

Anyway, last night after work I stopped by the storage place where I keep my time machine. My keycode didn’t work and the guy at the front desk said that I was two months behind on rent. I was, like, “DUDE! It’s on automatic withdrawal!”, but he said he couldn’t call around to verify it. I had to pay him $130 right then and there or I had to come back during regular business hours to speak to the manager. I don’t normally carry $130 in cash and they don’t take Amex.

So… I’m sorry I missed your “before” party.
I hope to be invited to the “after”.

Thank you,


P.S. As you've probably seen though, original-timeline-me was already obliged to be at the Symphony, so I prob'ly wouldn't've been able to come even if I'd seen your message in time.