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Top o'the Mornin' To You

It's been a pretty good month so far, but we're only at the halfway point. Yesterday i rocked the big, green, wool shirt. Today I'm rockin' the Boston Celtics grey T. And tomorrow i might go Guinness on 'em. Don't lemme catch you without the wearin' of the green or I'll pinch ye within an inch of your life.

Thankyou so much, Dicky O'Surman, for havin' us over to your party this past weekend. The wife and i had a grand old time we did. I didn't drink enough to need the chunder bucket, but i did have a wee headache the next mornin' when i got up to go to work. (I suppose i owe you special thanks for foisting that carbomb upon me immediately after I'd stuffed 10 hotwings down me gullet.)

Never forget that the Irish were the hands that built America and never forget that it was the Irish that saved Western civilization. (You’re welcome.)