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2006: the Year in Review

2006 was a year full of "me time" for everybody's favorite real-life superhero. While continuing to engage in the standard crime-fighting and world-saving, Keeferman did some travelling and (sorry, ladies) he even made time to get married. Yes, Keeferman got engaged just after midnight on January 1st 2006 and was married by the day before Thanksgiving. His longtime confidant Ms. Darc is now Mrs. Keeferman and they're looking forward to fighting the good fight... Together now.

Based in Atlanta, the Keefermans flew to Florida, Washington D.C., California, Chattanooga, Quebec, Indianapolis, Tybee Island, and Ireland all in that one calendar year. There were numerous birthdays, two weddings, and a funeral. Keeferman made public appearances at DragonCon, some Major League Baseball games, and was a special guest at a few concerts (including Cinetrope and Tenacious D). Ever the American patriot, Keeferman watched his NFL team make it's way into the playoffs -even while his own fantasy football team nosedived into "CyberBall" obscurity. Keeferman's secret MMORPG life took up a bit of his time as well (ding! 60!). Even in this busiest of years though, Keeferman had time to (among other things) fight on behalf of Net Neutrality and to participate in the historic American elections.

It was a good year.

Some things don't change much though. Keeferman still maintains his cover-job as a system administrator for a major internet company. Keeferman's "main man" is still his sidekick Stimpy. Keeferman continues to work-out at Platinum's Superhero Gym. Keeferman still drives a car that, to all outside appearances, seems to be an old Honda. Keeferman still socializes with the same general circle of superpowered and non-superpowered friends. Keeferman enjoys the relative stability of his life overall right now.

What's in store for 2007? Well, presumably law & order & prosperity will have been completely restored in New Orleans, so he'll not be needed There anymore. (Natural disasters have been relatively few and far between for us domestically this year, haven't they?) It's hoped that Iraq and Afghanistan will stabilize, but Keeferman's agreed to refrain from further intervention in the region -unless the conflict widens. (Iran, Syria, and North Korea are all on notice.) Keeferman continues his efforts to democratize mainland China. Keeferman encourages you to make sure you're registered to vote, to be as charitable with your time and your money as is possible, and to do your part to protect and preserve the environment (reduce, reuse, recycle).


There will, of course, be more to follow as events warrant, but that's a quick 2006 recap and 2007 projection.

There's no need to fear,

Keeferman is there.


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